1. View these three PowerPoints which highlight aspects of Shakespeare's Life and His Works.

2. Read 15 Minute Much Ado for a quick overview of the entire play.

3. View these two short videos from YouTube that set up the PLOT and the CHARACTERS.

4. Write a half page comparison of the plot and/or characters of this play to another movie, TV show episode, or real life experience that has some of the same events and/or characters.

5. What's Your Opinion?

Read the statements below and then mark the statements as true or false: Write a short explanation as to why you find the statement to be true or false. These are opinion statements so there is no right or wrong answer. Just be sure you give your reason for your choice.

1. Men and women should marry persons of a similar social and economic status as themselves.
2. People choose with whom they will fall in love.
3. It is better not to marry than to marry and risk being cheated on by your spouse.
4. Most people can be trusted to be faithful in marriage.
5. Men are attracted to women who are assertive and bold.
6. Jealousy in a romantic relationship is usually a sign the relationship has problems.
7. Because parents usually know what is best for their children when it comes to choosing a mate, children
should go along with their parents' wishes in this regard.

6. Tickling the Brain

Look over the story map to get a a sense of the PLOT.

7. What is comedy? Specifically what is Shakespearean Comedy?

Using the three sites below define Shakespearean comedy in 2 or 3 sentences and make a bulleted list of its chief characteristics.

Site 1 Site 2 Site 3

Shakespearean Language

How did Shakespeare Sound Article

How did Shakespeare Sound

Reading Activities

Modern Translation of the Play

No Fear Shakespeare