Beowulf Heroes and Epics

Heroic Characteristics

  • What makes a hero today? Brainstorm a list of characteristics you believe a hero MUST have.

  • Who are some people whom you consider to be heroes? Brainstorm a list of either specific or generic people that you would classify as heroes. Then write a brief explanation for why you consider each a hero.

Epic Hero PowerPoint

Epic Hero Essay Prompt and Graphic Organizer

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Anglo-Saxon Background


Introduction in 60 seconds

Dialectical Journals

Information Packet

Three Levels of Reading

Beowulf Concentric Circles Scoring Guide

Unferth's Challenge

Unferth's Challenge by Burton Raffel

The Battle with Grendel

The Battle with Grendel

The Battle with Grendel's Mother

The Battle with Grendel's Mother

The Final Battle

The Final Battle

Boast Project

Project Guidelines

Additional Help


Scoring Guide

Point of View


  1. Read the story of the three little pigs using the link below.

The Three Little Pigs

2. Read the true story of the three little pigs using the link below.

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs


Literary Analysis Guidelines

Literary Analysis Sample Essay

Ancient Connections

Venerable Bede's Sparrow Story

Modern Poetry Connections


  • Consider the poet's way of identifying a hero and compare his/her "definition" to the implied definition expressed by the Beowulf poet.
  • Explore our essential questions for Heroism.
  • Highlight image and then look at the way the imagery in the poem contributes to poet's idea of a hero.

Steven Spender Poem

"I Think Continually of Those Who Were Truly Great"

Helen Wickes Poem

Grendel's Brother


Grendel's Brother Audio

Genesis of the Poem

Richard Wilbur Poem

Junk by Richard Wilbur

The Power of a Story

  • Discuss the preconceived notions Adiche had of what a story had to be as a child.
  • Discuss stereotypes.
  • Write your own single story.

Review and Research
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